Hey could you do a smut where you go camping with a whole bunch of friends and your crush is there too and you end up sleeping in the same tent, and like before that your crush and you go skinny dipping in the lake and idk other cute smutty things? :) :* you are amazing thankyouuu


It’s a warm summer night and your two friends had invited you to go camping with them, including their boyfriends and their friend, (Y/C/N). You’ve always had feeling for (Y/C/N), but tried to suppress them, because you thought he was out of your league. But your friends somehow convinced you to go along with the 5 of them and try to talk to (Y/C/N).

(Y/F/N) just picked you up and you were the last stop. You get in the backseat with (Y/F/N) sitting on her boyfriend’s lap and (Y/C/N) sitting in the center seat. You slide in next to him and he looks you up and down and smirks. Your friends greet you and you smile and look down at (Y/C/N)’s hands resting on his knees. They are much larger than yours and have dark blue veins running up down them and up his arms.

You arrive at the campsite and get all the tents set up and start a fire. There are several logs sitting around the pit and the fire glows brightly. It’s dark outside and the stars are shining down. Your two friends and boyfriends go into their tents to sleep and it’s just you and (Y/C/N) sitting around the fire still.

You try to not look at him but you can feel his eyes on you. He looks over at the lake and stands up. He pulls his shirt off over his head and pulls his shorts down.

"What are you doing?!" You whisper yell at him, covering your eyes.

"Oh, c’mon (Y/N), don’t act like you don’t like it. Your friends told me about your little crush on me," he responds, standing in his boxers, looking down at you. 

"Well, why are getting undressed?" 

"I’m going swimming. Care to join?" He asks cockily.

You debate the two options. If you go, it would be fun to spend time with him and talk with him about things, he seems pretty tipsy by now. If you don’t, you’ll go to sleep alone in the tent and miss seeing his abs for the rest of the night.

"Fine," you say, standing up.

"You’re gonna have to strip down then," he says, looking you up and down again.

You pull off your sweater and shorts and stand in your bra and panties in front of him. He holds out his hand to you. You walk over to him and grasp it. He leads you over to the shore of the lake.

"Careful," he says, "there are sharp rocks over here."

He steps over them and helps you keep your balance as you step over. You walk down with him, still holding his hand. He takes one step in and quickly retreats.

"That’s fucking cold."

"C’mon, you big baby," you say, walking in and pulling him in with you. 

You feel goosebumps form on your arms and legs and see (Y/C/N) with his shoulders perked up and showing all his chattering teeth. You walk out until the water is to your mid waist and your still holding hands with him. You see a sly smile form on his face.

"What?" You ask. 

He walks closer to you and lets go of your hand. He swings his hands down and scoops up water and splashes in your face. You look at him with a look of shock. He’s laughing and tries to quickly get away. You shove water at him and he grunts as he feels the cold water bounce on his back. You catch up with him and dunk him under the water and shriek with laughter. You feel two hands wrap around your waist and pull you down with him. You can barely hold your breath long enough. You come back up and your face to face with (Y/C/N). There is water dripping from his face and his hair flopped to one side. He licks his lips and stares at your chest. You feel two hands wrap around and unhook your bra and it falls off. You move closer to his body and wrap your arms around his neck. You stare into his eyes.

"I know you want to kiss me," he says, keeping his eyes on you.

"I know you want me to kiss you."

He presses his lips against yours and his hands slide up and down your back. His lips are still wet. You move your hands down to his abs and go up and down them. He pulls away briefly to catch his breath but go down to your neck and kiss gently. His soft kissing turns into rougher nibbling and sucking. You feel him nip at your tender skin and you moan his name. He pauses and rests his head on your shoulder. 

"I think we should go to the tent," he says. 

You nod you head and grab your floating lace bra that’s next to you and put it back on. He grabs your hand and leads you back up to the tent. You both grab towels and wrap yourselves in them. You go into the tent and lie down next to him, fingers still intertwined. 

"I wanted to do more," he says, breaking the silence.

"I know, I could feel your boner on my leg."

"Oh hush," he says, turning to face you, "You act like you didn’t like it."

"I never said I didn’t like it."

"You better have liked it."

You look at him intently in the eyes and you see his hands slowly move to your waist. His hands meet your hips and his tickles the sides of your stomach, making you giggle uncontrollably.

"(Y/C/N)! Stop! I can’t breathe!" You manage to choke out.

"What was that? I can’t understand you!" 

"(Y/C/N), pleeeeasee!"

He stops abruptly and pulls you closer to him. His face is next to yours and your still laughing. You cup your hands on his cheeks and smile again. His hands get tangled in your hair and his plays with it, rubbing your head along with it. 

"You’re such a dork," you say.

He kisses your nose and smiles, not showing his teeth. 

"You love it."

You laugh again and wrap your arms around him and fall asleep, holding tightly to him.


i know i suck, you dont even have to say it. i promise ill try to post more often, really. i love you guys ok c u l8er



A LOT of time and effort went into my Mystique cosplay.  My mom, who is the best seamstress I know, helped me make the jumpsuit from scratch, which took about 70 hours to complete.  It’s made from mostly colored denim material, with bits of pleather added in for the elbow and knee pads. We also made the suspenders and belt, and secured them in place so that they wouldn’t keep falling off my shoulders, or slipping up onto my waist.  It was not an easy project, but it was worth every minute! 

My dad actually helped me with making the ports in the front of the suit, using parts found at an auto shop.  They were then sewn into the jumpsuit!

The wig started off as a very long, curly wig.  In fact, it was a Matilda ( from Arda Wigs!  I cut it, styled it, and also cut the front to form a widow’s peek.  Then, I added a LOT of product, to keep that gelled back look that Mystique’s hair always has.

And the makeup - my favorite part - takes two hours to apply each and every time.  I use Mehron’s Paradise Makeup AQ in Azur blue as the base color, and mold each scale separately out of Mehron’s Extra Flesh, placing them in the same basic patterns that are seen in the movies.  I then set the scales with Fixative A, a prosthetics adhesive.  After it all dries, I paint over the scales again with Azur blue.   Then, using a paint brush, I paint the scales with Dark Blue to contrast with the lighter base color.  Extra small scales are painted on, and the lips are darkened.  I also use a very small paint brush to color the dark blue around my eyes as I would with eyeliner.  A video tutorial of this process can be viewed here:

Despite being an extremely rigorous process, I think this in my favorite cosplay yet.  The colors really draw me in, and I hope you love it as much as I do! 

And also, a huge thanks to my wonderful photographer, Siffy, who always brings out the best in me!



 TITLE: Imagine Loki finding this blog


AUTHOR: WraithQueen

ORIGINAL IMAGINE (please copy the original imagine and link it): Imagine Loki finding this blog 

RATING: for everyone

NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings or anything really, just my first attempt at this so I hope it doesn’t suck too bad.

"Mortal Woman!" a shout came from your office, you trudged through from the kitchen to find Loki sat at your computer desk. "Loki what are you doing now?" you ask as you move beside him and watch as he commands that the computer turn on. "Loki you know that it doesn’t work like that, right?" Loki turns to look at you with a look of puzzlement on his face. "Wow for a god that comes from Asgard you are really very bad with technology." you laugh as you press the ‘on’ button, Loki gives you a dirty look and then turns to face the screen again.

"Thank you very much!" you say in your best Loki voice, "Why you are very welcome Loki glad to help." Loki turns to give you another dirty look. You roll your eyes and leave him to it.

"Why did I ever agree to let him live with me…" you wondered it seemed more a punishment to you than anything else. "What have I ever done to deserve this…" you sigh as you make some dinner.

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No More Tears


Title: No More Tears

Chapter No./One Shot: One Shot

Author: imjustadisaster

Original Imagine: Imagine seeing Loki in the cell. His face lights up and you both cry, having not seen each other since he got back from Earth.

Rating: PG-13, T

Notes/Warnings: Sexual Innuendos (lightly), Song credit goes to Adele’s cover of Lovesong

Walking down the hall with two guards in front and two guards behind you, it hits you. You’re going to see Loki, after all this time, you’re finally going to see the man you fell deeply in love with. How long has it been since you last saw Loki? You can’t remember, maybe five or so years? It’s been so long, you remember when Odin forbid everyone from seeing Loki. It broke your heart, you spent a year locked away in Loki’s room. Frigga was the only one you allowed in, by the second year she was able to talk you into leaving the room. Since then, you dedicated every second of your days to taking care of everything that belonged to Loki. You took care of his horse, his room, his precious snakes and even went as far as to learn some magic.

“Wait here,” The guard’s voice pulls you from your thoughts and you hide your shock seeing that your standing outside the doors of the dungeon. To be honest, you thought it was some kind of cruel joke that Odin was playing. When the guards banged on the door and told you to ready yourself for a trip to the dungeon, you wanted to spit in their faces and slam the door. Why you didn’t? Something about the way the guard’s looked at you, told you that their words were true. You still don’t know why Odin, after all this time has decided to let you see Loki, but you’re happy nonetheless. You didn’t take long to get ready, Loki always liked it when you dressed simple. He wasn’t one for flashy dresses and sparkling trinkets, unlike his brother Thor. “You may enter,” The guard’s voice says and you bite your lip.

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Title: Defiance

One Shot

Author: so-small-so-annoying

Original Imagine: Imagine being the only one who can defy Loki and get away with it. 

Rating: T

Notes/Warnings: None

Ever since Thor’s banishment, and the Allfather’s fall into the Odinsleep, you had not seen Loki nearly as much as you were used to, but from what you were hearing, that was probably for the best. Ever since ascending the throne in place of Thor and his absent father, Loki had apparently become an nearly insufferable dictator, and even Sif and the Warriors Three refused to be in his presence for much longer than a few moments if they could avoid it. On the one hand, you couldn’t blame him for allowing his head to become a bit bloated. For decades he had been overshadowed by Thor, and had known he would never be able to be King of Asgard, but even with all of that in mind, this was becoming a bit much.

Even the guards were grumbling as you walked past them, heading towards the throne room. Since becoming temporary King, it was the one place Loki was guaranteed to be, unless he was keeping the Queen company by his father’s bedside. You imagined he liked the throne a bit too much…even though you couldn’t understand for the life of you that it would be at all comfortable to sit on all day. Perhaps the overexcitement of actually sitting on it overwhelmed the kink in his arse.

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Love Her Til the End


TITLE: Love Her Til the End


AUTHOR: Vikkikate89

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki’s reaction while you lay dying in his arms.

RATING: For everyone.

NOTES/WARNINGS: Angsty and some discussion of views regarding Heaven and the concept of the afterlife.

"It’s a heartbeat. You’ll never be ready…"

Loki cursed himself silently as he sat beside the bed, watching as she turned with a groan in her sleep. To a mortal who was used to it, the flu was nothing. To one of the Aesir, it was terrifying. Seeing just how easily a simple sickness could completely incapacitate a Midgardian drove Loki mad, and he hated himself for even allowing himself to become so emotionally tied to someone so fragile in the first place.

"How’s she doing?" Thor asked as he peered through the doorway.

"She says she’s fine," Loki answered, not taking his eyes off her. "She still hasn’t eaten anything yet…"

"Jane said that’s to be expected," Thor said, stepping in to stand beside his brother. "I remember the first time Jane was sick. Something they refer to as the common cold. But I saw her body shake with every cough, and her voice faded away to a rasp… I couldn’t leave her side until it had passed."

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What Never Should’ve Happened


Based on “Imagine Loki’s face when you tell him you accidentally cheated on him with Thor.

It’s been almost a year since you moved to Asgard to live with Loki. After what happened in New York,  it was better for him to stay away from Earth for while.

You spend almost every waking moment together. He’s such a grump at time, but you know he loves you to death.

It is early in the morning when the sun’s light hits your eyes, waking you up. You roll over and notice that Loki is still asleep. You carefully get out of bed so you don’t wake your lover.

You get dressed into your Asgardian garments. And decide to take a walk.

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A Beautiful First Time


 Based on the Prompt: Imagine Loki losing his virginity.

You have spent the evening alone in your room, as you usually do, rummaging through old scrolls to entertain yourself. You hadn’t had any interest in attending the Prince’s coming-of-age ceremony that his father was holding for him. The noise and kerfuffle of it all is a complete turn-off from your normally quiet routine, not to mention you hadn’t particularly wanted to see the kind of display many of the ladies at court would make now that Loki had come of age. Coming of age also gives him the right to choose a bride, if he so wanted. Or a woman, if he doesn’t feel the need to be tied down yet, and knowing Loki, he no more wants to be tied to a female than cut off his own leg. Not to mention that you have the feeling he hadn’t waited before today to entertain his “natural urges”, as you’d been hearing it referred to by your tutor.

Honestly, the whole institution of having to sit and listen to someone lecture about the workings of the body and its tendency to desire sexual contact was appalling to you, and you don’t regret for a second that you had convinced your mother and father to remove the tutor from your schedule. Frankly, you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your life never hearing about a man’s genitalia again…

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The Sweetest of Fruits


Story based off "Imagine Loki teasing you as you feed him berries; he says,” I wish this berry is you so I could eat you up,” and starts kissing you passionately."

Requested by the wonderful: koko-sweet

Warning: Story is long. It contains NSFW material to the extreme. View at your own risk. Writer, requester, and Imagine Loki cannot be held liable for nose bleeds and SOCS (Sudden Ovary Combustion Syndrome). Tom Hiddleston cannot be held liable if you get pregnant from reading the graphic material contianed here. Once again, view at your own risk. And enjoy.

It has been a long day. You have spent most of it in the main library with a tutor studying and learning about Asgardian customs and ways, attempting to learn enough of the native language to get by on your own outside of the palace if you had to. You are exhausted and quite frankly, tired of the non-stop droning of your tutor about the new politic presence between Asgard and Midgard, as he insists on referring to your home-world despite your protests.

You drag your feet out of the library slowly and as soon as you hear the door close behind you, you take off in full speed run back to your private chambers. The royal palace is lovely but huge. But after a few weeks there you are able to run it from one end to the other without getting exhausted. You hate Thor’s insistence on your health improving at the time but now you were glad for it.

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